How to clean iPhone speakers and microphone

The iPhone takes excellent images and has a lot of features that make using it fun for users. But what good is an iPhone without a microphone and speaker. Although other things could cause your iPhone speaker and mic to malfunction, trapped dirt, dust, and wax are common sources of difficulties. Over time, they accumulate and clog the meshes, lowering the sound’s quality as it enters or exits. Even worse, they might not be able to work at all as a result.

Before shelling out a fortune at a repair shop, you might want to attempt these remedies if your iPhone’s speaker and microphone aren’t working. And even if they do, you should probably clean them often to avoid dirt accumulation over time.

The primary microphone of the iPhone is typically located in the bottom-left corner of the device. There is a tiny gap there between the flashlight and the rear camera. To the left of the iPhone charging port, they are the little, rounded apertures. The back shell of more latest iPhones also houses a microphone. This aids in removing background noise from audio entering the iPhone.

On the iPhone, there are two sets of speakers. The main one (for calls) is at the very top of the display. On the majority of iPhones, it’s that hole with a horizontal line above the screen right near to the front camera. The dots holes at the bottom right of the iPhone, directly to the right of the lightning charging connection, are the second stereo speakers (for music and videos).

  • Unplug your iPhone from the power cable before you start cleaning. You might also want to turn it off during the process.
  • Avoid using metallic objects to scrape mic ports and speaker mesh. This might pierce the meshes and break the mic and speaker.
  • Don’t use water to clean any part of your iPhone. While some iPhones are waterproof, adding water deliberately to some units might cause damage.
  • Even if you’re using non-metallic objects to scrape the speaker, be careful not to pierce the mesh.
  • Apple recommends that you avoid using cleaners containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Don’t dip your iPhone in any cleaning fluid.

Your iPhone’s speaker may be dusty or congested, making it difficult for you to hear music, films, or calls. My own was fixed after I believed it was broken. The iPhone speaker, however, is covered in a soft mesh (this looks like padded nets). Therefore, you must exercise caution when cleaning this area. However, the methods for cleaning it are listed below.

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